Nutrition – Importance of Protein and Carbohydrates

Nutrition – Importance of Protein and Carbohydrates

Leading a happy life needs a healthy body and a mind full of peace. Of course, there are plenty of ways to achieve a good body and stress-free mental state. Nutrition can play an important role in accomplishing desired health. Choosing right nutrition means choosing good health. However, there’re different types of nutrients available to choose from but protein and carbohydrates are the most significant ones. 

Protein simply helps human body to build solid immune system and muscles. Fundamentally proteins are manufactured of long chains of useful amino acids. There’re total 22 different sorts of amino acid available, and your body requires all these amino acids to work properly. 
Without any doubt, protein is abundant kind of nutrient in human body that creates new tissues as well as repairs all affected or damaged cells in your body. Moreover, it also helps in creating of hormones as well as enzymes that play different roles in human body for instance, sexual and metabolism development. 

Some of the great protein sources are low-fat dairy items, lentils, tofu, peas, seeds, and nuts, grain bread, corn, potatoes, and pasta. 

Carbohydrates offer us energy. It is a great origin of energy for the human body as carbohydrates convert more readily into needed glucose. Carbohydrates help your body to supply the required energy for the set up of cellular constituent. It is made of three key compounds i.e. carbon, oxygen and hydrogen formed by organic plants. The four types of popular carbohydrates are starches, gums, fiber and sugar. 

Breads, pasta, potatoes, chips, biscuits, puddings, sugar, cakes, bananas, and pasta are good sources of carbohydrates. 


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