How to avoid diabetes

How to avoid diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common disease in the world! Only in the US, 24 million people suffer from this disease. 6 million of them doesn’t know they have diabetes! According to one study from 2010, 285 million people suffer from it, worldwide! This number will increase up to 435 million by 2030! Although this sounds terrifying, you can do certain things to protect yourself from type 2 diabetes.

Your genes can be responsible for developing this disease, but the more important factor is your lifestyle! According to one research, 90% of type 2 diabetes, in women is caused by: smoking, alcohol abuse, not enough physical activity, overweight and non-healthy diet. The similar records are noticed among men as well!

As you can see, all the reasons for developing type 2 diabetes are connected with unhealthy life. This is the reason why diabetes wasn’t so spread in early history! If you want to prevent the risk of developing this disease, start living healthy. This means you must stop smoking and drinking alcohol! They don’t mean anything to you, so stop using them! Stop eating fast food and fatty food. Exercising is your next step. Proper diet and exercise will make sure you don’t have problems with your weight!

The interesting fact is, when you start exercising regularly, you will have a greater desire to eat healthy and don’t smoke! Maybe this can be explained as the influence of our body on us, so we can have a healthy life! The sooner you start living like this, you will feel better and you will be healthier!


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