2 Rules To Help You Live a  Healthy Life

2 Rules To Help You Live a Healthy Life

People need physical activity and proper food. During evolution our bodies adapted for hunting and gathering food. Today, all we do is sitting in front of a computer or a TV. Exercising, an activity that should be a part of our life, is something that many people avoid. The usual excuses are: ‘’I don’t have time’’ and ‘’I don’t want bigger muscles.’’

Because of that, there are many people with obesity problem, which is linked to diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and many others! If you want to live healthy, there are only two rules that you must obey.

1. Eat healthy food. Many people think that food should provide ‘’fuel’’ to our body, and it is the only purpose of it. Besides that, food can contain many good and bad (harmful) ingredients. For example, barbecued meat or and roasted food, contain carcinogens! On the other side, fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and other nutrients that are good for you. Even better solution is organic food. It has the same nutrients as the conventional food, but it contains more antioxidant.

2. Exercising. It may sound boring and unnecessary, but actually, humans are designed for everyday physical activity. Our body can function better when you run every day or just walk. Simply said, our body is made for that! If you took that away, your metabolism and inner processes are disturbed.

It may look easy, but those 2 rules can change your whole life! But it is a good thing. If you obey them, you will be much healthier and you will longer. This answer is why people in Japan and in some other countries, where healthy food and physical activity are more used, live longer!


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