Swine Flu Death Toll Reaches 1,900 in India

Swine Flu Death Toll Reaches 1,900 in India

The outbreak of swine flu has so far killed 1,900 people in India, while the number of infected passed the 31,000-mark. Six more deaths took place in the last 24 hours, which makes the total of dead equal 397 in Rajasthan. The region is just behind the Gujarat region, where there have been 400 deaths from swine flu. The number of the infected there has reached 6,271.

As many as 322 people died in Maharashtra, while 3,788 patients are suffering from the influenza. The death toll in Delhi has reached modest but significant 12, when a young woman died of the illness recently.

According to the analysis by the ministry of health, 34% of the 723 deaths from pig flu affected people aged between 30 and 45 years. Behind them are people aged between 45 and 60, who make up for 32 percent of swine flu deaths. The ministry also established that the age group between 18 and 30 years accounts for 17 percent of the influenza virus deaths, and 12 percent aged 60 or more die from the illness.

When it comes to gender, it has been established that 50.35 percent of the deceased are female, and the remaining 49.65 percent are male. In the regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat, more than half of the deceased died because of co-morbidity. Co-morbidity is when additional diseases are present in a patient beside the principal one. These people's immunity system is compromised, therefore they are more prone to catching other illnesses.


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