New Mental Health Rights Proposed By Minister Norman Lamb

New Mental Health Rights Proposed By Minister Norman Lamb

Care Minister Norman Lamb has proposed to give more rights to people who have learning disabilities, those with metal health as well as those with autism.

According to Lamb, the changes which are to be brought about by the proposals will make people take charge of their own care and promote support from the community as an alternative to hospitals.
Many families tend to feel as if they are ignored, Lamb said.

Following the Winterbourne View scandal, which involved patients at Winterbourne View, a private hospital that is located near Bristol, being abused from time to time, ministers have vowed to move patients from hospitals into community care.
BBC’s Panorama programme exposed the happenings that were going on at Winterbourne View.

According to a statement that was made by the National Audit Office, the U.K. government has failed to honor the pledge that it made due to the fact that the government had underestimated “the complexity as well as level of challenge” which will be involved in discharging a number of people in communities.

The ability and right of people to challenge decisions which are usually made about their health will be strengthened by the new proposals, Mr Lamb said adding that the new proposal will also make it very hard for people to be admitted in hospitals in an event that there is a better support which is being offered from the community.
Changes on how the Mental Act applies to patients who have autism as well as learning disabilities will also be considered in the ongoing consultations


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