Eye Care

Eye Care

Our body is designed for life in the wildness. Due to that, the human body needs physical activity and healthy food. Over the years, we forget about that. Today, we don’t even go in wild. On the other side, many people spend too much time working on a computer or some other jobs that eliminate physical activity.

As our body, our eyes are developed for life in the wild. This is reason why green color relaxes them! But, when you are in front of a computer, you don’t have anything green! You can put a green wallpaper, but it isn’t the same. The situation is even worse if we know that many children spend a lot of time on the computer, playing games.

Some of them play games up to 8 hours per day!
If you must work on a computer every day, there are only a few things you can do in order to preserve your eyesight. Although, new screens aren’t dangerous for your eyes as the old ones, eventually they can damage your vision. This means, if you don’t wear glasses, you will at some point.

The best thing you can do is to buy special glasses that are designed to protect your eyes from negative rays from the screen. They aren’t expensive, but they are effective.

If you have a headache or your eyes feel dry after some time in front of a computer, this is a sign that you must have them! The second thing you can do is to rest your eyes using nature. Simply go into the park or forest and walk. Green color will be very effective and it will act as vacation for your vision.


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