Working out has benefits for your brain as well as your body

Working out has benefits for your brain as well as your body

Not only will your body be at its finest but also your brain will function better if you exercise regularly. This might come as a surprise to many who think of physical exercise as an activity to lose some pounds or get ripped. Let us briefly go through how working out has benefits for your body as well as for your brain. 

Benefits of Working Out for your Body

These are actually obvious to some readers, but we will go through some to help us set a comparison between these exercises and those that help the brain. 

  • You reduce your chances of getting heart disease.  Research has proven no difference between those who exercise regularly and those who were given prevention medication for coronary disease. You can exercise or take medication…exercise seems the best solution.
  • It helps you sleep better by strengthening your circadian rhythms.  
  • As counterproductive as it might sound, working out is actually the solution to tiredness.  Low-level exercising helps boost the body's energy content by up to 20%.
  • A study from Penn State University concluded that people who exercise regularly or even mildly had more pleasant feelings than those who do not.  In other words, working out, even a little, makes you happier.
  • Increases your strength and flexibility. 
  • It boosts your immunes system. 
  • You become more productive at work. Exercising helps you reduce stress making you happier and more productive. 

Benefits of Working Out for your Mind

Working out also has some benefits for your mind. 

  • Exercise helps reduce inflammation and stimulates the release of growth factors. These are chemicals that affect the health of brain cells. 
  • Working out also helps increase the size of your hippocampus, which is the part of your brain responsible for learning and memory.  This means that exercising helps your memory.  No more misplacing the car keys. 
  • Regular exercise can improve your focus and concentration. 
  • Divergent thinking refers to creative thinking, which is also boosted by regular exercising. 
  • Cognitive decline is slowed down by working out.   

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