Four Exercises Using the Pilates Band

Four Exercises Using the Pilates Band

Who says you need to spend a lot on exercise equipment just to get lean and fit? With a pilates band, you get a portable and affordable piece of exercise equipment that you can use not just at the gym, but also at home, at the hotel, or even at work.

Below are four exercises that you can do using the pilates band that are sure to get you results.

Lateral Band Walk

This one's real easy and is an effective lower-body exercise that you can do while standing upright.

Simply tie the pilates band just above both of your ankles and space your feet shoulder-width apart to create enough tension. Do a half-squat position and from there, shift your weight to the left side, as if you were sidestepping using your right leg. Afterwards, move your other leg in without removing the tension on your pilates band.

Take at least 8 to 10 steps one way before going the other way to give yourself a good lower-body workout.

Bent-Over Row

Stand over the middle of the band with your feet apart about a shoulder's length. Bend your knees slightly with your body arching like the symbol for "less than". Once in position, grab each handle of the pilates band using your hands, pull it up towards your hips while maintaining your original position until your elbows form a 90-degree angle.

Lower the handle (don't let go!) and do it again 10 to 12 times.

Next-Level Push Up

You probably already know what a push-up is. Now, get into the planking position and drape the pilates band across your upper back. Loop the ends through each of your thumbs and start doing reps with your lower back down and chest facing the floor. Do for at least 5 reps but try to aim as high as 20.

Lateral Raise

Stand on the middle of pilates band with your feet shoulder-width apart. Grab each handle like you're bringing in groceries while staying in position and then raise your arms to the side until they reach shoulder-level. Slowly, lower your arms back down and up again for at least 8 reps for a killer shoulder workout.

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