Exercise is the Cure for Chemotherapy Fatigue, Study Says

Exercise is the Cure for Chemotherapy Fatigue, Study Says

Chemotherapy treatments can zap the energy out of cancer patients. The study from the Wilmot Cancer Institute concluded that the best way to cure chemotherapy fatigue is exercise. Instead of taking extra cups of coffee, drugs, or a nap, cancer patients should consider going for a 15-minute walk.  


Taking drugs should be the last option when it comes to coping with fatigue. The researchers compared the effects of drugs, counseling, and exercise to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments. They found out that drugs, such as Ritalin and other stimulants, don’t work very well. Most medications prescribed to cancer patients come with side effects and other health risks. Once prescription drugs are removed from the picture, patients show better results.


Cancer-induced fatigue is different from other types of exhaustion. Sleep will not combat the fatigue, and patients don’t have the strength to take sips of coffee and tea. There are even instances in which patients find it hard to sit down and watch TV.


A study showed that exercise is an effective way to reduce cancer-related fatigue. Patients should exercise during and after their cancer treatments. They will also feel better than using pharmaceutical options.     


Psychological therapy, such as changing personal behavior and education, can also improve fatigue. However, there are inconclusive results when it comes to combining exercise and psychological therapy. Researchers don’t know the best method of combining treatments to make them more effective in treating fatigue.


Fatigue is the most common side effect of chemotherapy. It reduces the chances of survival of the patient because it hinders the completion of cancer treatments. It is a serious condition, and that’s why researchers are looking for ways to treat fatigue during and after chemotherapy.   

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