Is there such a thing as a healthy hamburger?

Is there such a thing as a healthy hamburger?

We all know that fast-food is not healthy, and that obesity is a serious disease. On the other hand, we can not deny that hamburgers are tasty, convenient and cheap, so it is difficult to keep ourselves away from this treat. For those who want to keep a healthy diet but still enjoy a big hamburger every once in a while, here is the healthy version of it!

A hamburger in itself does not have to be unhealthy. It is made from meat which will give you protein, bread that will give you energy and vegetables for vitamins and minerals. The problem is the preparation of the hamburger.

For a healthy hamburger, you just have to make sure that the ingredients are as low-fat as possible, the bread is whole-grain and the vegetables are organic. To take this even further, you can opt for a vegetarian hamburger that is as tasty as the classic one, minus the cholesterol and the calories.

You can prepare your own hamburgers at home from low fat ingredients. Instead of meat, use beans, lentils, soya or all of them together. Fry them together and use whole-grain buns instead of white. Add as many vegetables as possible and cut down on the mayonnaise. You can also opt for ground turkey instead of beef or a vegan burger made from mushrooms – all are low in calories and fats. You can eat this for lunch if you need more energy in the first part of the day, or in the evening when you come home from work and you need comfort food.

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