Four reasons to become a vegetarian

Four reasons to become a vegetarian

While many people love to eat just about anything, there are some people who become vegetarians. Why do people do this? There are four main reasons why someone might become a vegetarian. These reasons include ethical, environmental, or religious reasons and dietary preferences too.

Ethical Reasons: They may learn how certain animals are raised in order to supply meat to the consumer or how they are slaughtered. They may have seen exposés on television, which have shown violent treatment of animals about to be slaughtered, of animals living in small cages and restricted living areas, of overcrowding and unsanitary pens. If they consider these things inhumane, they may decide not to be a party to the whole practice of eating meat of any kind and choose to consume only plants and vegetables.

Environmental Reasons: They may believe that the grain that is fed to animals could be eaten by thousands of humans instead. They may also believe that stockyards are a poor use of land, or that chicken and hog farms pollute the area in which they live. They may feel that by boycotting animal consumption will discourage farming animals in closed areas.

Religious Reasons: There are many people who have religious beliefs that oppose eating any animal, fish or fowl that breathes. They may feel they are committing a sin against their religion.

Dietary preferences: Some meats are very high in cholesterol and a person may choose to avoid these because of dietary restraints. Perhaps they just don’t like the taste of meat and prefer other sources of protein, such as eggs, cheese, yogurt, nuts, or beans.

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