Enjoy Mexican Food While In The US, But Do Thank The Spaniards

Enjoy Mexican Food While In The US, But Do Thank The Spaniards

One of the most popular genres of food available for the Americans is Mexican food. Over the years, burritos and enchilada have come to be an essential part of the lifestyle that contemporary Americans lead. They are easy to cook, are ready in a jiffy, and have a great taste too.

The food habits of the Mayans were acquired by the Mexicans. But the invasion of Mexico by teh Spaniards changed the lifestyle of the Mexicans. Spaniards brought with themselves a host of poultry and cattle so that there were pigs, cows and sheep in Mexico now with a Spanish tag. But the Spaniards also contributed to the Mexican culture by introducing new herbs and spices.

In return, the Mexicans gave the Spaniards a lot of knowledge on the processing and use of peanuts, chocolates and even tomatoes. In a way, this was  a mutual exchange of cultures. The food that Mexican eat today is not purely Mexican. It is a mixture of Spanish and Mexican culture. Like if you consider quesadillas. It has origins in the Spanish culture and the Mexican culture as well. Then there is the corn tortilla. This is something that belongs to America. It has very little to do with Mexico and Mexicans.

There are dishes like chili en nogado that are a result of a mixture of French traditions and Mexican traditions. This is because the French occupied Mexico for a brief period in the 1860s. There are a lot of dishes where the French culture and French taste-buds occupy the centre-stage, while the Mexican flair is not missing too. All of them are an integral part of Mexican culture now. Of course, these delicacies are a part of the American diet too.

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