Best of Chinese food in San Francisco

Best of Chinese food in San Francisco

The culture of Chinese has managed quite well to concentrate in almost all the parts of the globe. They are also quite welcomed and have been able to develop the communities of Chinese in most of the major cities across the world. These communities which have been developed are quite often presented in the local area of San Francisco known as Chinatown. The Chinatown of San Francisco, is s far the biggest an also the oldest place for best Chinese food in San Francisco which is located outside the Asian continent. It was established in the year 1860.

Zhejiang cuisine is a mix of various local cuisines from the cities such as Ningbo, Hangzhou, Wenzhou and Shaozing. But what sets in really sets them apart from other famous styles are the traditions and the history which enrich each and every cuisine.

Hangzhou was once the capital of the South Song’s dynasty and this has brought fineness and diversification in the local cuisine as well as the introduction of the northern styles of cooking food. The common methods of cooking are quick fry, braising, stir fry, steaming, etc which are not oily at all as they might sound to you.

Some of the popular cuisines, that have their names derived from the popular places and popular people, are the West lake beef soup, the West lake fish with vinegar, shrimps in Long Jin Tea and the trademark dishes of Hangzhou, Dongpo Pork, etc. Every popular cuisine normally has some or the other interesting story associated with it. Additionally, most of the foods contain shoots of bamboo as a key ingredient, majorly because of the plenty of plants of bamboo in and around the Hangzhou.


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