Five fat-burning ab exercises without crunches

Five fat-burning ab exercises without crunches

The abdominal muscles interconnect your hips, thighs and run all the way up your back. It’s no wonder it’s called the core muscles.


Donkey kickbacks

Kneel down, palms and feet on the floor. Pull your belly close to your spine and lift both knees about 2” off the floor. Now bring the right knee towards your nose and kick back straight out. Squeeze your butt and keep the abs pulled up and contracted. Switch legs and do 8 reps.

Twisting Core

This exercise is essentially twisting your core muscles while doing planks. Face the floor in plank position and twist your lower body from the low ribs down. Feel the tightening of your core muscles. Exhale deeply after every breath.


Sit down in a V-shape - legs up, back arched slightly. Your thighs and back make the v-shape. Lift the lower legs. Move a medicine ball left to right, holding it in both hands. Each set has15 reps. Do 3 sets a few times a week.


Opposite Arms and Legs Reach

While lying on your back, bend your knees. One foot flat on the floor and extend the other leg up high. Try to reach the ceiling. If you extend your right leg up, then extend your left hand sideways. Keep the other arm by your side. Stretch as much as you can and focus on your core. Switch sides and do these reps 10 to 12 times.


While lying on your back, bend your knees. Lift your feet. Now inhale and lift up your arms over your head. Stretch. Tighten your abs while you do so. Exhale and bring your arms forward and form a V. Support yourself with arms on the floor. Bend knees and roll back slowly. Repeat 15 times.




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