Make your own backyard boot camp

Make your own backyard boot camp

Here is another contender in the fitness craze. With workout routines tailor-made to fit people’s busy schedules, this concept has come in at the right time. It has the comfort of just stepping into your backyard for a good workout instead of paying to attend a gym. The advantages of having a backyard boot camp are that it's free and you can work out whenever you like.

With the right set of tools and some determination you can build your very own boot camp. You don’t need any kind of fancy equipment to start your backyard boot camp, just these basics will do. Most of these things are easily available or easy to build. So let’s get started!


Incorporating tires in your workout has a lot of uses, plus they are easy to find. Dragging a tire across your backyard will burn those calories right away. Also try a tire flip while you are at it.

Jump Ropes

Who knew that this simple ‘toy’ would get you heart pumping. This is a good workout especially if you are looking for some strength training. While you are at this you could even throw in some cardio, do some jumping jacks, burpees, and a couple of squats.

Battling Ropes

This fat blaster will do immense good in your backyard boot camp. They come in handy for strength training, muscle building while working on timing and coordination.


Having one or two benches in your backyard will enable you to do some push ups, dips etc. You can use them to rest between circuits too!

Rope climbing station

This is a fun way to burn those calories. Install a vertical rope climbing station in your backyard to keep that belly fat at bay.

Have fun starting your very own boot camp right in your backyard!


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